Project Management and Coordination (M1-M36)


Evidence- and eminence-based knowledge on Dual Career Measures (M1-M12)


Find-me platform design, deployment and validation (M1-M32)


Develop an online evaluation of DC programmes according to the student-sportspersons feedbacks (M13 - M28)


Dissemination, communication and networking (M1-M36)


AIM of the FIND ME

The primary aim of the FIND ME project is to structure an evidence-based European platform specifically tailored for dual career at university level, in line with the recommendations of the EU Guidelines on Dual Careers of Athletes (European Commission, 2012). The partners of the FIND ME consortium will bring together a solid experience in dual career networks at national, European, and International networks, the involvement in the European Minimum Study on the minimum quality requirements for dual career services and in the Research for cult committee qualifications/dual careers in sports, the participation in the More Then Gold guidelines as well as in several European dual career projects, and the Italian dual career university platform.


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